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As we gear up for the biggest day in analytics, we set off to learn more about the organizations behind the IN Analytics Conference’s stimulating and innovative sessions (learn more about the conference HERE). So we sat down with the companies that provide the latest marketing technologies and greatest strategies that world-leading brands utilize today to build successful marketing programs. 
In today’s Flash INterview, we sat down with Danny Dunn, Regional Director for UserReplay, a leading provider of powerful session replay technology that lets users record, re-run and analyze every visitor’s journey through a website in order to efficiently find and fix website issues.
Hi, Danny – thanks for sitting down with us today!
Why don’t you start by telling us a little about your company and what it does… 
Sure! UserReplay is a Digital Customer Experience Management (CEM) software solution. We provide valuable insight into the e-commerce customer journey through online channels. UserReplay helps e-commerce businesses across a range of verticals to optimise the customer experience across these digital properties by identifying, diagnosing and fixing barriers to conversion. 
The technology identifies conversion barriers such as usability challenges, confusing business logic, technical and performance problems. UserReplay helps businesses to prioritise these issues by analysing their impact on conversion and sales. The solution helps resolve customer disputes, re-market to abandoned baskets and prevent fraud.
It sounds like UserReplay would be extremely valuable to many organizations, especially ecommerce. What are some of the biggest challenges for organizations that your company solves?
Companies are typically drowning in metrics about visits to their digital properties but have very little insight into the experience of individual customers. For example, online retailers often know how many customers are abandoning at different steps of their checkout process but struggle to pinpoint why.  
UserReplay allows businesses to replay individual customer sessions to understand the obstacles customers are experiencing. The technology also provides the analysis tools that direct the user to the customer sessions that are most relevant for replay analysis. This valuable insight empowers businesses to resolve issues and increase conversion rates. 

In marketing, sometimes brevity is key; so describe your company’s mindset in one word? 
Fresh – a new approach to CEM technology offering a choice of Saas or On Premise 
We love ‘fresh’ minded people! You’re a sponsor of the IN Analytics Conference, what was the deciding factor in sponsoring? 
Stratigent and UserReplay complement each other; there’s great synergy between the technology and service offerings. Stratigent is a great partner, we have similar business goals where we can showcase both a solution and how you really get value out of that.
What are you most excited to see/ learn at the conference? 
We are excited to learn what other partners and individuals are doing, how they are integrating technology to improve and understand online customer behavior. 
You’ll be at the conference as well and with 8+ years of experience in the industry, attendees shouldn’t be afraid to come up to you & your team… or should they? 
Absolutely not! We are a cheerful bunch with lots of ideas and anecdotes to share - not to mention, we are constantly planning our roadmap and solution enhancements to fit our customers needs so it’s nice to get feedback.
The conference is being held in Chicago -  have you been to Chicago? 
I have been to Chicago many times and it is one of my favorite cities - spring, summer and fall. I love the energy, architecture, museums, food and the people.  
Ok, so we’ve learned a lot of specifics on your company’s services but what about its personality? Let me ask - if your company was a movie character, who would they be & why?  
Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day. We replay sessions so websites can be improved. As Bill Murray goes through Ground Hog day, he gets to relive the day and improve each time he sees it – that’s basically what we do for organizations, minus the angry-driving rodent.
About the interviewee | As Regional Director of the East for UserReplay, Danny Dunn is responsible for working with all prospective and existing UserReplay clients on the east coast of the United States. Previously, Danny spent 8+ years in the Customer Experience Management space responsible for major accounts for Tealeaf Technology which is now an IBM company. For more information on UserReplay, visit www.userreplay.com
Want to meet  Danny or any of our other sponsor partners?
You can meet them at the IN Analytics Conference - registration for INAC15 is still open but filling up fast. Visit the event page to find out more! 

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