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We are counting down the days until we take over the Field Museum in Chicago for the largest, single day in analytics – INAC15. Leading up to the conference, we sat down with each sponsor to learn more about the organizations behind the IN Analytics Conference’s innovative sessions. Each session features a speaker from leading brands, like HBO, Crate & Barrel, Luxottica, and Fidelity Investments, and the sponsors were the driving force behind each brands success in utilizing the latest marketing technologies and strategies needed to build a successful marketing program. 
In today’s IN Interview, we sat down with Josh Manion, Founder and CEO of Ensighten, a leader in enterprise tag and data management for some of the world’s largest organizations.
Hi, Josh – we’re excited that Ensighten is back as a sponsor this year, except instead of our EMPOWER Workshops, it’s for our inaugural IN Analytics Conference! What made you decide to sponsor this event?
Stratigent has always specialized in working with sophisticated, large enterprises, which aligns well with Ensighten’s client-base. We’ve also been a longtime partner of Stratigent and admire the company’s work in helping brands improve their customer experiences. It really was a no-brainer. 
That’s right, Ensighten and Stratigent go back like peanut butter & jelly! So for those who don’t know, why don’t you start by telling us a little about your company and what it does… 
Ensighten is the leader in enterprise tag and data management, meeting the demands of the world’s largest organizations. Our expertise is in collecting, unifying, and connecting data among all technologies and channels across the customer lifecycle in order to enrich all experiences, no matter how customers engage with your brand. In doing so, we boost the ROI of the digital marketing investments across your entire, evolving martech stack. Our offering spans tag management and tag auditing, data management and data privacy, attribution and analytics, and mobile. We work with innovative global brands, such as Microsoft, United Airlines and T-Mobile.
The concept for Ensighten came from seeing the challenges my enterprise customers were experiencing in trying to extract value from their marketing technology investments. Today, the Ensighten Open Marketing Platform powers companies generating more than $1.9 trillion in revenue in more than 150 countries.
That’s a great story of success for the organizations you help! What are some of the biggest challenges that your company solves?
Marketers globally face a similar set of challenges around marketing agility – customers would have great ideas and they’d have very talented people working on them. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to test an idea, gather data or execute a program − whatever it was – they’d run into challenges with their technology infrastructure, which would thwart their progress.  
Our clients needed an open platform to help them streamline that process in order to achieve the bigger vision of having one-to-one conversations across all digital touchpoints. That’s an issue of marketing agility, which is rooted in many commonly faced marketer challenges: collecting data across all digital touchpoints, integrating technologies, breaking down data silos and acting on data across the entire customer journey. The alternative is a poor customer experience because brands aren’t able to connect the dots, much like SNL’s Mr. Short Term Memory with Tom Hanks from back in the day (1990).
[Laughing] You can never go wrong with a good Tom Hanks reference! Speaking of customer experience, what do you think is the most overused term in marketing today? 
It’s hard to escape the hype around “Big Data” and the big promise that all that data will generate powerful and profitable intelligence. Unfortunately, many marketers struggle to make any data, big or small, work for them. Focusing on the sheer volume of information can be a hindrance. Starting with consumers and their needs is the key to understanding what data is needed and when, and will help guide marketers to the most effective approaches.
‘Big Data’ is certainly one that gets tossed around a lot! You have a client speaker presenting at the conference – will she be touching on ‘big data’ or something else? 
We’re really looking forward to Marina Schubow speaking. She leads Marketing & Analytics at CDW, a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare. With Marina’s guidance, CDW has developed a very compelling vision of the future.  
Her presentation will provide a roadmap for understanding the customer buying journey to drive personalization. Specifically, she’ll outline the process, outcomes and roadmap that CDW has undertaken to understand and deploy relevant conversations with customers along their buying journey. 
I can’t wait to hear her presentation! So why should attendees not be afraid to come up to you, your team, or Marina? Or should they?!
Just the opposite, the only thing attendees should be afraid of is not taking advantage of the event to learn best practices from real world practitioners! Ensighten employs thought leaders from across the industry and we’re looking forward to discussing real world challenges and opportunities.
Ensighten is headquartered on the west coast – have you been to Chicago? 
Many times, in fact I grew up in Wisconsin and lived in the Chicago suburbs for 9 years.  Chicago is one of the best cities in the world so I always love to get back to Chicago to enjoy the company of friends, family and of course the best pizza and ice cream in the world!
Yes, the pizza is the best – have to go deep dish! OK, final question - if your company was a movie character, who would they be & why?  
This one’s easy… Luke Skywalker. Star Wars is part of our corporate DNA. Our conference rooms are named after Star Wars planets and spaceships, and Luke personifies who we are and what we’re trying to achieve in the digital marketing galaxy vs the evil empire.
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About the interviewee |
Josh Manion is the Founder and CEO of Ensighten. In addition to his leadership role at Ensighten, he has a degree in Management Science with a focus on Information Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is a full-bore nerd, a former professional chess player (currently ranked among the top 60 players in the United States), and is passionate about most things in life, particularly his wife and 5 children.
Want to meet Josh or any of our other sponsor partners?
You can meet them at the IN Analytics Conference (#INAC15) - registration for INAC15 is still open but filling up fast. Visit the event page to find out more!
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