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WEBINAR | Achieving a Single View of Engagement


Presented by Stratigent, Ensighten, Readers Digest, and the CMO Council.


As digital engagements continue to evolve and customers advance their own paths through their customer journey, knowing and understanding behaviors, actions and real-time engagements have never been more critical. From anonymous visits to mobile searches, customers have more ways to connect, making the web of engagement more complex and much harder to track. But just as marketers have aggregated tools and technologies to amass a clear, singular view of the customer, have we also lost sight of what those customers are actually doing, risking our understanding of context as customers engage with content?
A single view of engagement enables marketers to increase agility across personalization, customer experience development and the delivery of truly customer-centric journeys across digital channels. The CMO Council, in partnership with Ensighten, delved into the best practices of leading marketing experts and executive peers who have taken bold steps toward enhancing the single view of the customer with this critical view of engagement—connecting customers, content and context into a more robust view.
This one-hour interactive webcast shared new questions that marketers must ask of their tracking infrastructures to transition toward omni-channel analytics and identify how those insights reveal new truths about the customers we seek to embrace.
Speakers :
  • Liz Miller, SVP Marketing - CMO Council
  • Karen Wood, Director of Product Marketing - Ensighten
  • Leslie Doty, CMO - Reader's Digest Association
  • Maigari Jinkiri, President - Stratigent


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