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Case Review | Programmatic Media Buying

Case Review |
Is your media buying strategy more problematic than programmatic?
Programmatic, in its simplest term, is a modern means of media buying that incorporates the use of data, technology, and algorithms to automate, predict, and present relevant ads in real-time. Although a concept that is so simple in theory, programmatic can potentially be quite complicated to comprehend and many brands find themselves confused on its execution.
This is a major issue within the programmatic media buying space - despite not knowing if the most optimum options are being utilized, despite not understanding what is being activated (and why; and how), and despite not being able to identify and utilize pertinent information to improve business, brands continue to spend more and more in this way.
Thus, the question is this: if such spending is going to continue to grow in such fashion, what can be done in order to ensure maximum effectiveness? 
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