Adobe Summit: Trading in Thunder Snow for Desert Heat

It’s 11:30pm and the hail and thunder snow are in full effect on the south side of Chicago. I’m sitting in a dark office listening to Axl Rose shriek about some jungle. Soon though, I’ll trade this insane weather for desert heat at Adobe Summit!  
As a first time Adobe Summit attendee, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to get out of the event, particularly when it comes to hitting up key sessions, learning about the latest innovations, and meeting thought leaders who are paving the way for all things digital. Plus, I’ve heard about an exclusive coffee break that’s occurring on Day 2, so I’m definitely looking forward to indulging in some better beans (more info on that here). However, there are particular nuances in between the sessions and hot topics that make this event extremely valuable -- and I’m not talking about George Clooney or Weezer. 
So, what is an Adobe Summit newbie looking forward to? In short, a lot. I’ll do my best to jot down thoughts that could rival Homer’s, The Iliad -- or at least our VP of Account Development, David Johnson’s, review post of eTail West
Creating value from data
My biggest goal for this event is to learn about the success stories of the many companies and people at Adobe Summit. That means checking out a ton of sessions, asking questions, talking to people, shaking hands, high fiving…you know, all that fun stuff. Squeezing many sessions and entertainment into three days is no small feat, though. That’s why I started my research early on the most captivating sessions and companies that are going to be at Summit this year. In this process, I had a small revelation…
I realized that I am drawn to companies that I love or have some affinity with, such as REI,, ESPN, NFL, and LEGO. You heard that right, LEGO. How am I not going to see a session by my favorite toy maker, particularly when it’s about data storytelling? The subject matter is exactly what we deal with on a day to day basis -- helping our clients take action and creating value from data, all while crafting meaningful visual stories. Brands have spent a lot of time collecting and making sure their data is worth using -- now let’s learn how to use it! 
Next up is and all things cross-channel marketing. The talking points of this session are, once again, right on point with the challenges we come across with our clients. I love hearing  how companies like, UBS, and JustAnswer achieved success by driving customer engagement across all channels, as well as how they created a customer experience that allows for a continued relationship with consumers (as opposed to one that ends after one transaction). 
The broadcast connection
While I have several sessions scheduled across my days in Vegas -- with leaders from Adobe, Macy’s, Sprint, Redbox, and Sears -- I’d be lying if I said I am not stoked to check out the Super Session on Thursday morning. The industry focus is on TV, broadcast, radio, media & entertainment, and advertising/publishing, with a talking track covering just about every topic one could think of: mobile engagement, personalization & optimization, core services, marketing analytics, and programmatic advertising. This is pretty much “the works” for anyone who works in digital.
While I focus on multi-channel analytics today, I come from a broadcast television background. Sessions like these excite me because of the possibilities of the analytics industry, including how consumer attributes help advertisers make informed data decisions and how media and entertainment companies are changing the way content can be personalized. If you have the slightest interest in analytics, marketing, or entertainment, this is the session for you. 
Bringing it all together
As I write this, the hail and thunderstorm have since stopped, and the Axl Rose shrieks have turned into Glenn Danzig howls. After going through all the great sessions I will be able to attend, I am even more pumped (and I didn’t even elaborate on George Clooney or Weezer)!
Adobe Summit is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more thrilled to head to the desert to mingle with other like-minded, analytics media/marketing professionals. Now it’s time to get the shoes polished up and work on my handshaking skills. In the words of the great Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman in Animal House, “Hi, Steve Ropers, Solutions Consultant. Damn glad to meet you.”
See you there!
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By Steve Ropers
About the Author:

Steve Ropers is a Solutions Consultant at Stratigent 

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