Brand Labs 2016 - Intelligence


Brands today engage with audiences across the globe. Connecting with new consumers and launching into new markets creates opportunities for brands like never before. However, it can be diffi­cult to manage, strategize, and optimize in markets both locally and across the vast digital landscape. Join us as we explore modern brand marketing across markets, segments, and channels, focusing on the following topics:



Session 1 |  Is your reputation on the line?

A brand's reputation can affect their business' bottom line as brands look to engage with increasingly informed and conscientious consumers. In return, consumers are concerned now more than ever in how a brand operates, their values, etc. In this session, we'll delve into the importance of research when it comes to your reputation, tools you need to use, and case studies that prove success.


Session 2 | The Lifecycle of a Product Launch

Product launches come in all shapes and sizes, from small pushes to giant campaigns - each with their own nuances. This session will help you understand the many cycles of a product launch, as well as how you can target your media spend towards key markets and consumers.


Session 3 | How to Optimize Your Media Spend Abroad

While expanding into international markets is an exciting time for a brand, emerging international markets to secure future stability, uncertainties arise investing in the endeavor to introduce a brand or product into uncharted territories. This session will provide an overview of expanding your media strategies to a global audience, as well as key steps to stay relevant in new markets.


Session 4 | Algorithms & Advertising: How to Navigate the Changing Nature of Social Media Promotions

As social media algorithms change, brands must use advertising spend to promote their social channels. However, as social media produces new products, their algorithms shape content in a way to promote those products. So, what's the solution? Embrace the change. This session will show that by taking advantage of these changes at the onset, brands can increase cost efficiencies before costs rise and reach decreases.




Presenting Category Experts:



Judy Bromley
Account Director - Market Intelligence


Courtney Bricker
Account Director - Advertising Intelligence


Cara Buscaglia
Insights Director - Market Intelligence


Michael Reynolds
Director - Business Development, Advertising Intelligence






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