Brand Labs 2016 - Marketing Performance


Data isn’t a commodity; it’s a necessity for brands to keep evolving. Being truly data-driven requires developing a multi-channel strategy based on your business’s specific needs in order to gain insights and take action. So where do you start? Join us as we help connect the dots between mobile, online, and every other channel that provides data for the modern organization, focusing on the following topics:


Session 1 | Off the Beaten Path - Roadmap to Multi-Channel Analytics Success

This session uncovers the most under-utilized paths to multi-channel analytics success. From establishing governance structure to identifying technologies, we will help you think more strategically about your business. 


Session 2 | How to Give Your Visualization Depth

Reports are the primary way that analysts communicate insight and drive change in their organization. When it comes to selecting the right visualization, there is often confusion around which types to use. In this session we will help you better define what you are trying to achieve and how visualization effectiveness can bolster your data.


Session 3 | The Best Test - Optimizing for Success

Testing is an important part of a successful website as it allows for making changes on the fly that can lead to a much larger impact on your business. This session will outline the best practices for testing & personalization and our core methodology combining reach & impact to score the "best" test. 


Session 4 | Not Your Mama's Mobile - Mobile for the Modern Brand

Mobile isn't a commodity anymore; your business needs to start thinking how to implement or optimize your mobile persona. We're not just talking about analytics here; this goes well beyond simply measuring the usage of a mobile app. In this session, we will delve into building an effective mobile persona by understanding app effectiveness, revenue generation, mobile usage and other factors of mobile marketing.




Presenting Category Experts:



Maigari Jinkiri
Chief Revenue Officer,
Ebiquity North America

Tim Walker
Optimization Strategy Practice Lead


Erin Cropper
Managing Director


Jim Glauner
Mobile Practice Lead




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