Brand Labs 2016 - Media Value


Brand Lab - Media Value

Measuring media value can be a difficult task for brands these days. From targeting to viewability, organizations struggle to measure the effectiveness of their marketing investments. Join this brand lab to help navigate the murky waters of the current media landscape.


Session 1 | Driving Media Agency Accountability and Results

When it comes to your media agency, an audit is a great way to assess the results and effectiveness of your investments. But how do they work and what are your options? We walk through the pitch guarantee framework, latest trends in media audits, and best practices to help brands ensure you they receive the best value.


Session 2 | From RFP to Contract, How to Review your Agency

Kickbacks and rebates and markups – oh my! This isn’t the Mad Men era anymore, join us as we discuss the trends and best practices to reviewing your contracts and managing your agency relationships. With the newly released ANA Media Transparency Initiative, the future of the media ad-buying industry is preparing for major changes.


Session 3 | Programmatic 101: The Programmatic Ecosystem

Programmatic advertising, as a new way of digital media buying, is creating buying and selling efficiencies with the technology behind automation. In this session, our digital experts will lead you through the basics of programmatic ecosystem, showing you not only the who, where, what and why, but also some new tactics that you can apply with your agencies. 


Session 4 | Verification - Viewability, Fraud & Brand Safety

Ad fraud and viewability issues continue to plague the marketplace if left unmanaged, making ad verification vital to your brand dollars. In this session, our digital experts will go into the different steps you can take to protect your brand and also delve into how these verification issues intersect with programmatic.




Presenting Category Experts:



Margaret Lewis
Managing Director -
Media Value

Geoff Greenblatt
Head of Digital - Media Value

Emily Tuczinski
Senior Account Manager - Media Value

Victoria Potter
Senior Account Director -
Media Value

Kristina Neel 
Senior Account Director -
Media Value

Laurie Shinbaum
Digital Account Manager -
Media Value




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