August 10, 2016  | Brand Lab - Media Value

Measuring media value can be a di­fficult task for brands these days. From programmatic to viewability, organizations struggle to measure the effectiveness of their marketing investments. Join this brand lab to help navigate the murky waters of the current media landscape, focusing on the following topics:


Session 1 | Current Trends in the Upfront [11:00-11:45am]

Session 2 | Media Budget Optimization & Strategy [12:00-12:45pm]

Session 3 | Programmatic 101: The Programmatic Ecosystem [1:00:1:45pm]

Session 4 | Verification - Viewability, Fraud & Brand Safety [2:00-2:45pm]

While you're invited to attend each session, if you happen to miss a session, each attendee will have access to the interactive workshop materials - including, exercise sheets, presentations, cheatsheets, etc.


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Wednesday, August 10, 2016 -
11:00 to 15:00

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