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2017 Marcomm Guide

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In 2016, programmatic, transparency, agency relationships, enhanced digital, and a growing competitive landscape brought new challenges to an already complex industry. The marketing and advertising industry of today has evolved beyond the traditional role of advertisement, leaving many advertisers with questions and few answers.


At Ebiquity, we help leading brands navigate that changing landscape to ensure business objectives are met - so we sat down with our experts to discuss the most pressing issues from 2016. Based on the insights from our experts, the 2017 Guide to Marcomm Success was created to help brands set a roadmap for the year by uncovering key elements to success.


In this guide, our experts answer the questions needed to help set up your marketing-communications program for success, including:


  • How can you ensure a strong relationship with your agency?

  • What are the emerging markets this year?

  • How can we take the next step in testing and personaliztion?

  • What is the role of ad-blockers when it comes to mobile growth?

  • What trends should we expect in the upcoming year?

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