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Adobe Analytics Live Stream

Adobe Summit Exclusive - Download our FREE guide on Adobe Analytics Live Stream.

Real-time web analytics – how useful is it really? For those that don’t understand the uses, it can easily sound like a pipe dream or marketing gimmick (can you say, “data lake?”).  But implemented correctly, real-time online analytics solutions, such as Adobe Analytics Live Stream, can help brands react to live trends, identify issues before they intensify, and provide insights on where to capitalize on opportunities. 

Adobe Analytics Live Stream allows you to know what’s happening with your digital properties each and every second, so you can take action when it really counts. With real-time reports, live stream data access, and real-time APIs, your marketing team can see what’s happening with your visitors, right as it’s happening. But with great power comes great responsibility – so how can you ensure your program is set up for success? What do you do with all of the data that’s now filling your dashboard?


Our expert guide will provide our best practices to help you…

  • Begin streaming real-time data from Adobe Analytics

  • Define a governance strategy and action plan that takes advantage of your real-time data

  • Uncover specific uses (that you probably haven’t thought of!) for real-time data that provide immediate value

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