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Mobile App Optimization

Our mobile app optimization framework solutions solve the increasing challenges of mobile optimization campaigns.

Mobile has transformed marketing like no device before. But it is much more than just a device - it is how most consumers connect and interact with brands on a daily basis. In fact, roughly 65% of all digital media time is spent on mobile devices, with 85% of time spent in apps and more than 50% of searches originating from mobile.


For marketers, utilizing this channel is an important part of an effective multi-channel strategy. However, brands looking for a quick and simple mobile app implementation are met with several major drawbacks. The most detrimental being the decreased amount of control and flexibility of basic implementations. For more complex implementations, a significant increase in time, effort, and IT resources are required.

Our frameworks enhance mobile app optimization campaigns by giving control back to marketing teams and providing:
  • increased app accessibility and functionality
  • shortened overall implementation timeline
  • reduced costs
  • vendor-agnostic solutions, works with all major enterprise tag-management vendors
  • ability to leverage native app functionality
  • cross-platform solution for both iOS and Android
  • safety - does not impose security risks


Working with many of the world’s leading brands, we understand these challenges - and with our Mobile App Frameworks, your marketing team can swiftly and effectively deploy mobile optimization campaigns by leveraging the native functionality of apps without having to rely heavily on IT.


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