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Total View Attribution Guide

Most total view attribution solutions fail to account for non-digital media as they apply arbitrary rules that don’t let the data decide what’s working and why. A better approach is a hybrid of top-down econometrics and bottom-up attribution to develop a full understanding of what is driving the conversion goal and true value of each touch point.

Knowing which activities, inputs and channels trigger behaviour most effectively on customer journeys enables marketers to make more of the right media choices and eliminate those don’t deliver for them. The era of evidence-based decision-making is upon us.

Mike Campbell, Head of International Effectiveness at Ebiquity and Patrik Sahlin, Principal Consultant in our International Effectiveness practice discuss knowing which activities, inputs, and channels, trigger behavior most effectively on customer journeys. Enabling marketers to make more of the right media choices and eliminate those that don’t deliver for them.

In this total view attribution guide, you will learn:

  • what total view attribution is and what is solves
  • the shortcoming of current attribution solutions
  • how traditional econometrics plays into attribution


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