Google for Communicators, a PRNews Guidebook

Stratigent, an Ebiquity company, contributes to PRNews Guidebook for Communicators

The Google 360 Stack is a suite of solutions focused on providing advertisers with the data needed to further optimize the customer journey across all channels. The solution is very intuitively designed, which lends itself to building more user-friendly ways to put those insights to work.
PRNews set out to provide professional communicators with a guide to help with utilizing the Google platform by engaging industry experts as contributors to provide thought leadership in their latest PRNews Guidebook. As one of the longest partners of Google in the analytics sector and an advisor to 80 of the top 100 brands worldwide, PRNews reached out to Stratigent, an Ebiquity company, to assist with this endeavor. The Stratigent team, led by Victoria Sawtelle, provided an in-depth look at Data Studio 360 and how to leverage that platform on the quest to become more data-driven.
Stratigent’s article, “How to Leverage Data Studio to Better Know Your Audience” by Victoria Sawtelle, Stratigent’s Data Visualization Practice Lead, outlines how communicators can set themselves up for data success by using Data Studio 360. The article delves into data mapping, how to decipher your dashboard, understanding user actions, and more.
The aim of the Google for Communicators PRNews Guidebook is to inform professionals on how to achieve success across Google Analytics, AdWords, YouTube, and beyond.
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