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When it comes to improving conversion across your channels, it’s important to be able to collect as much info as possible. While there is always low-hanging fruit within Customer Experience data, it's imperative that this dataset becomes engrained in your approach to optimization and personalization. We recognize this as a priority and have built an entire practice focused around the customer experience to help you build your program from start to finish.


 Types of Customer Experience Data 





Customer Experience focuses on the interactions themselves:  

 • How did the user go through your channel?

 • Did they face any challenges or errors?  

 • How do people react to the general usability or experience they were faced with online, within the call center, or in an actual store?


 Our Customer Experience Partners



 Customer Experience Services





Vendor Evaluation/ Selection
How do you decide which solution is the best fit for you? Instead of taking chances, utilize our partnerships with over 75 vendors to help you choose the provider that makes sense for your program.


Strategic Roadmap
How does Customer Experience fit into your program?  How should that data be used? Our Strategic Roadmap helps develop a plan to successfully integrate these solutions into your existing framework.


Implementation (on-premise or cloud-based offerings)
From scratch or enhancements to existing inclusive of Replay functionality
Administration of the system
Upgrade of existing implementation
Ad-Hoc Support


Checkout Analysis/ Audit

Checkout is a major focus area for most organizations, for obvious reasons. Surprisingly there are no formal standards for what constitutes a good checkout experience, although there is a vast amount of research supporting good v. bad practices. By pulling this research together, we have created a standard for checkout best practices.

In addition to Checkout Best Practices, we also offer the following separate offerings:
  • Checkout deep-dive analysis
      • We focus on specific areas or the whole process to uncover strenghts & weaknesses
  • Checkout performance analysis
     • Page load times
     • 3rd party response times
     • Overall checkout time
  • Checkout struggle analysis
     • Define and discover areas where customers struggle to complete

Conversion Analysis

More than just checkout conversion, Conversion Analysis touches on many of the topics in the Checkout Analysis but includes a competitive analysis on how your checkout conversion compares to your competitors. You have many calls to action on your site and you should be monitoring the experience for all of them.

We incorporate the following:
  • validate the conversion metrics to make sure they are tracking accurately
  • perform a competitive analysis (performance v. competitors)
  • make recommendations on how you could improve conversion

Struggle Identification

What are the common areas where customers struggle to complete a task on your site?
Let our Customer Experience Practice work with you to identify these trouble spots and ultimately make recommendations for how to improve. 

Replay Integrity Audit

Replay fidelity is another area nearly every organization has problems with at some level, most of which can be boiled down to development issues. Some of these issues can be overcome by custom replay rules within your platform, while others require cooperation from the developers.

Stratigent has significant experience working with clients to improve their replay fidelity and ability to better understand the customer journey.



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