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Customer Journey Optimization

Most companies seek to optimize the customer journey across their digital properties, but few do it in a repeatable way that maximizes return on investment. With unique challenges to solve for when it comes to customer experience, a customer journey analysis identifies how your customers interact with your company and suggests experiments to optimize the performance of those journeys.
Marketing efforts such as funnels are sufficient when you want a quick health check on how your product’s interest is turning leads into sales, but the sales journey is not linear. The journey is made up of starts and fits and varying interactions across different channels that shift consumer desires and intents. A customer journey analysis will help you to make sense of it all by unbinding the crisscrossing customer journey into actionable insights.

Our clients use our objective, expert advice and data tools to assist with numerous Customer Journey challenges, including:

  • Analytics (Im)Maturity – understanding what to track and how to track it, how to turn tracking data into analysis, how to implement new tracking requirements and identify errors.
  • Siloed Data – arranging and normalizing your available data in order to collate  m multiple data sets into a comprehensive view of the customer journey.
  • Lax Segmentation – how to differentiate customers that look alike based on   similar purchasing behaviors and attitudinal attributes but display opposite purchasing intents.
  • Improper Pathing – customers can end up at the same conversion point while taking different journeys to get there. We help divide customers into distinct paths to unlock the most efficient user experience.
  • Competitive View – through proper benchmarking, we help     you understand how your performance compares to competitors and provide insights on improvements.
  • Experimentation Ideation – our team helps you generate experiment ideas and execute on the most valuable ones by providing a framework that shows expected lift.


With the prevalence of misleading data and a market saturated with “experts,” finding the right advisor can be tricky. At Ebiquity, we partner with more than 20 major U.S. media agencies and we work with more than 80 of the top 100 advertisers worldwide to assist brands in developing accurate benchmarks and a smarter investment strategy.


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