The New Personalization Framework/ Architecture

From CRM systems to call center analytics to tag management, your business stores data from a number of touchpoints and across a vast audience across the globe each day. With all these different touchpoints, how can you easily manage and integrate all of your data to truly gain insights for your business? Although big data continues to advance, there is a still a large gap in most organizations’ data programs.
To help bridge that gap, our Intelligent Solver ™ framework allows businesses to integrate data solutions into a scalable, agile framework that lets datasets communicate with each other in ways they never could before in near real-time.




Our framework grows with your current architecture, ensuring that over time your program is allowed to grow as your business' needs change. 

• Choose which services/ vendors are appropriate for your business
     - integrates with solution providers for tag management, testing & personalization, data storage, CRM, and more!
    - utilize our Multi-Channel Partner Network or integrate with your current solutions

• Custom-built code allows services to work together in one, cohesive framework

• Code easily implements into existing framework and pulls in data across all of your channels




The Intelligent Solver model allows you to build a fully integrated personalization platform that interacts with CRM and works with data to drive personalization. By creating dynamic personas, target segments, and other attributes, you are able to track visitors in real-time. 

Create different personas, target segments, and key visitor attributes to allow dynamic personas
- Switch 3rd party data to 1st party data whenever possible
- Build a framework for dynamic personas that follows visitors throughout the journey while building in validation steps along the way
- Due to integration of services, personas are updated in near real-time




So how does it work?

Our Intelligent Solver framework delivers through continuous STAGES of PERSONALIZATION. These stages, Strategy, Implementation, and Insight, continually evolve as your data changes throughout the cycle. 

As you learn more about your visitors, their interaction with your brand, and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, your presonalization and optimization program grows and adapts to ensure your marketing dollars go right where they are the most impactful. 






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