Today, the multi-channel analytics landscape is a complex structure of solutions and services.

To successfully navigate every avenue, you need to have the right people, processes and technologies in place. It’s true that piecemeal strategies have been
adopted by businesses for years, but a holistic approach that encompasses each platform of your business is where you’ll find the greatest impact
on your organizations performance, investment and overall brand experience.
With Stratigent, we not only help fill the gaps in your analytics program, our deep industry experience will help you build a solid foundation
from the ground up. We offer a variety of services that ensure you have the right people, processes and technology within your organization 
so that your analytics program isn’t just a quotidian practice, it’s an integral proponent for growth. 




    Make your team your #1 weapon.
    Lack of education is a major roadblock that organizations face when trying to mature in their usage of analytics Unlike other companies that come in just to get the job done, we empower our clients by providing tailored trainings to supplement your teams skill set.
    Our senior consultants will work with you to develop a customized agenda that not only addresses the needs of your business but also has the focus necessary to provide actionable insights and key takeaways for your users. In addition, we don’t use demo accounts. Our training is with your accounts, your data and your people.
    Tame the Organizational Beast.
    Businesses are like living, breathing structures and interaction is an important aspect of any business model. We’ve assisted companies in creating data-driven cultures for more than a decade and to have a truly successful program, the efforts of all involved need to be realized. To help ensure business units are effectively interacting with each other, following protocols and delivering a collaborative effort, we will work with you to create a customized governance model that works with the structure of your business.


    It's time to get strategic.
    The interaction between businesses and their customers is very different today than it was just a few years ago. To stay at the forefront of this change, your business needs to evolve to meet current standards. Your customers demand it. Nobody understands that more than us, we’ve built successful optimization programs for organizations since 2007.
    Building an effective optimization program goes well beyond just picking the right technology; it requires having the right technology and process for ideation and testing, adaption to current development processes, governance, etc. We know that not every company is the same, we’ve worked with leading companies in hospitality, financial, travel, retail, CPG, auto and other industries that have unique needs when it comes to the visitor experience. By listening to your goals and assessing your needs, we will build momentum for your program right out of the gate.
    Solve your SEO woes.
    While we don’t manage SEM or SEO efforts for our clients, we do provide the analysis services needed to understand what is working and what isn’t. Let our team take a look at your SEO efforts and make recommendations to improve your program.
    As a part of our SEO Audit, some of the components we analyze are:

    Title tags | Meta tags | Duplicate content | Multiple domains | DNS issues (and improper redirects) | Broken links | Keyword usage on pages | Top Entry pages | Top Referring Search Engines | Link popularity | and more.


    Set the right course for success.
    A Strategic Roadmap is the first step in setting the course for your program. Having over 12 years of industry experience, we can help customize the right path for your business without all the fluff and time-wasting approaches.
    With a blend of long-term strategy and short-term tactics, we will assess the current state, your business requirements and your technology ecosystem to help identify the right people, processes and technology to successfully build a scalable program that allows for growth in the coming years. From our findings, we will present two deliverables: a detailed document of our findings, recommendations and illustrations and a high-level executive presentation that our team will deliver on-site to your team.
    Let our vendor network work for you.

    Our extensive partner network allows us to work with you to pick the perfect vendor for your needs. Our relationships with the leading vendors in the digital analytics space means you have a choice and that’s a beautiful thing.
    To keep up with the changing landscape in the industry, our team regularly works with partners on vetting out new technologies, new solution trainings and certification programs. This allows us to easily identify the proper technology to fill gaps and build scalable programs for our clients. This also gives us the advantage of being on the cutting edge of innovation as we help test new technologies from our partners.

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