Adobe Summit 2017: Quantum Mechanics and The Godfather of Soul

Adobe is a master of marketing, and there is no better example than Summit. For those who have attended Summit, think back to your first one - what was the most memorable part? I doubt it was a session on the future of Data Management Platforms (DMPs), or a keynote featuring an announcement that Test & Target was going to become Target. Here are my memories from my first Summit conference back in 2011:   Crowds, great food, skiing (it was held in Salt Lake City back then), Lenny Kra...
By David 'DJ' Johnson
About the Author:

David 'DJ' Johnson is the Vice President, Account Development at Stratigent.

2017 Adobe Summit Conference - Real Time Data Streaming

We’re excited to be heading to the desert next week to attend this year’s Adobe Summit Conference. From Super Bowl winning keynote speakers to outstanding sessions to fun events (feel free to stop by our own event pre-Summit Bash event! More info here), Adobe Summit is always a great time. The upcoming conference got us thinking about some of our favorite Adobe products and one that we’ve recently been excited about is Adobe Live Stream.   Real-Time Data Streaming  ...
By Jim Glauner
About the Author:

Jim Glauner is a Senior Consultant, Team Lead at Stratigent.

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