3 Key Factors to a Successful Agency Relationship

As the relationship between advertisers and media agencies continues to evolve, it’s important that the way advertisers and media agencies measure the success of their combined efforts evolves as well. Periodically, a full-scale Media Agency Review is an excellent way to evaluate if your relationship is delivering results in-line with your business objectives. (For more on this, check out our post on the Seven Critical Elements of Ensuring a Successful Media Agency Review.) While performing...
By Whitney Birdsall
About the Author:

Whitney Birdsall is an Account Manager for Ebiquity - North America

Seven Critical Elements to Ensure a Successful Media Agency Review

One of the main stories of 2017 has been the increased focus on the brand-agency relationship. As brands look to increase transparency and agencies set out to provide the level of insight requested, it is a focus that will likely continue into the new year. This new focus means that advertisers are held to a higher level of accountability, so they need to be confident that their media agency partners can deliver on their promises; whether that’s strategic, financial, service-related, or a c...
By Emily Tuczinski
About the Author:

Emily Tuczinski is an Account Development Manager for Ebiquity - North America

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