How Customer Experience Session Replay Saved One Company Millions

Here’s a conundrum for you: How do you figure the exact reason why a customer is struggling with your website? How do you improve conversions, while at the same defining where customers are running into problems? And, how can you do all of this with the idea that if you don’t, millions of dollars may be on the line?    Enter digital customer experience. Digital customer experience is a target rich environment, one where even the most customer-centric companies can find a...
By John Butler
About the Author:

John Butler is a Customer Experience Team Lead at Stratigent.

CXSF 2015 Recap: Forrester's Forum for Customer Experience Professionals

I recently had the chance to attend the 2015 Forrester’s Customer Experience Conference in San Francisco (CXSF). During the conference, I had plenty of opportunities to connect with leading innovators to share best practices, converse on the latest Forrester research, and of course, enjoy some amazing San Francisco cuisine.    As a seasoned member of the customer experience (CX) community, it was refreshing to hear how other leading practitioners and analysts describe...
By John Butler
About the Author:

John Butler is a Customer Experience Team Lead at Stratigent.

Safe Harbor - A Crossroads for the U.S. and EU

Quite a bit has been made of the EU decision to strike down the Safe Harbor Agreement between the U.S. and EU on October 6th of this year. The agreement, in essence, was created to reconcile the differences between the privacy laws of the U.S. and the Data Protection Directive of the EU regarding the handling, storage, and transfer of personal information. As you can imagine, many of our international customers -- or U.S. customers with international visitors -- have been very concerned about th...
By Bill Bruno
About the Author:

Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

Purpose and Profit at the PRSA International Conference

What is the relationship between purpose and profit? When asked, consumers frequently say they prefer brands that are socially responsible, but their purchase decisions don’t always reflect this. For example, while the 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR study found that 84% of global consumers say they try to purchase products or services that are socially or environmentally responsible, only 63% say they have actually done so.    What accounts for this gap? If c...
By Christopher Martin
About the Author:

Christopher Martin is Associate Account Director at Ebiquity, plc

A Pilot’s Perspective on Business Dashboards

I’m a pilot (well, a student one) and one of the first things you learn in flight school is trust your instruments -- those instruments tell you how things are going. For instance, I can tell how high I am, if I’m going higher still, or if I am descending. Ultimately, I can understand if reality is confirming with my expectations. If so, smooth flying. If not, I know what actions I need to take. Most importantly though, I can quickly scan all the various gauges, indicators, and pretty lig...
By Tim Walker
About the Author:

Tim Walker is Optimization Strategy Practice Lead at Stratigent

How Brand Managers Can Define Clear Objectives and Goals

We’ve all been in a kickoff meeting with a brand manager who starts telling us how they would like to measure clicks on the hero banner, the links in the footer, and of course, that social widget in the left stack. As analysts, it’s our responsibility to pull the brand manager from the weeds by asking them why they want to measure these elements. But, how do we do this?    We use that four-letter word “goal” and its buddy “objectives” a lot. When you focus effort...
By Scott Friedman
About the Author:

Scott Friedman is a Manager of Client Services at Stratigent.

Ebook | Building Your Omnichannel Data Foundation

"Building Your Omnichannel Data Foundation:
This Time It's Personal"

How Insurance Companies Can Benefit From Multiple Data Sources

An open data framework for an insurance company, more so than many other industries, relies on the integration of multiple data sources. Unification of online activity, phone transactions, and sundry insurance agent channels are key to track full visitor paths, note key abandonment points, and maintain a complete picture of sales, policy changes, and customer inquiries.   Multiple data sources makes financial sense, too. In a recent survey of CIOs, 83% say that revenue is affecte...
By Jim Glauner
About the Author:

Jim Glauner is a Senior Consultant, Team Lead at Stratigent.

The Importance of Customer Experience

Customer Experience is a complex process of understanding the relationship with your customers. When done effectively it eases customer acquisition, drives loyalty, and improves retention. Customer Experience is not just about how quickly your web site responds, the presentation of your products, promotions, and the flow of your checkout. In fact, more than 50% of the Customer Experience is subconscious, or how the customer feels about your company. More importantly, Customer Experience is no...
By John Butler
About the Author:

John Butler is a Customer Experience Team Lead at Stratigent.

The Afterthought of Governance in Big Data

As companies move through analytics maturation, take advantage of big data, and begin to understand the value of available data sets, they often forget to verify the accuracy and validity of the data itself. It appears governance is the last piece of the big data piece puzzle being applied, often due to lack of allocated resources. However, treating governance as an afterthought can lead to major problems. Let’s investigate why this may be the case.   Stakeholders vs. Analysts&...
By Kyle Westgate
About the Author:

Kyle Westgate is Manager, PMO at Stratigent.


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