3 Reasons Your Big Data Project Will Fail

Whether you call it multi-channel, omni-channel, data lake, data ocean, data pond, data puddle, or some other ridiculous term it is safe to say that your big data project is probably not going as well as you'd like it to. According to Gartner, 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will be unable to gain a competitive advantage with big data in 2015.   Everyone understands the value of the data being collected, and we all understand how much data is being created daily about an individ...
By Bill Bruno
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Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

The Business of Benchmarking: 4 Insights to Consider

Every organization wants to set expectations for progress, especially if they revitalize their analytics ecosystem with a brand new implementation. Benchmarks are key for contextualizing data and evaluating KPI progress in reporting. However, benchmarking is only useful if the strategy is accurate. While it would be great to see a 5% increase in conversions every month, you’d better have a reason to expect that aside from wishful thinking!    Similarly to other data analys...
By Luke Johnson
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Luke Johnson is a Senior Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent.

Webinar | How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Traffic

Presented by Stratigent & Maxymiser
Media is becoming increasingly complex and transparency a growing concern for marketers, especially in digital. As a result, brands are finding it more difficult to have confidence that they are managing their investment well enough and that they are getting the best results.

Beyond the Law: Why Organizations need to be Conscientious about Privacy Compliance

Your online visitors today are more aware and pay more attention to the use of their data on the web, so addressing privacy concerns in an open and honest way establishes much needed trust within the visitor experience and brand identity. It doesn't hurt to be ahead of the curve, especially in inherently sensitive areas like financial services, insurance and healthcare, as it only takes one seemingly minor public misstep to tarnish a sterling reputation that required years to establish. ...
By David 'DJ' Johnson
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David 'DJ' Johnson is the Vice President, Account Development at Stratigent.

3 Steps to Optimization this Holiday Season

  It may seem too soon to be discussing the holidays, but we all know what’s looming on the horizon in a few months. Last November, I wrote a newsletter to explain how Tag Management was your gateway to avoiding the holiday code freeze (read it HERE). I want to revisit that topic this month since it ties nicely with a webinar I am presenting with Maxymiser on August 5th (you can still sign up HERE!) and provide a few steps you can take to ensure you get the most ROI out of your dig...
By Bill Bruno
About the Author:

Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

Redefining ‘Real Time:’ Why Modern Marketers Need to Rethink the Way They View Fast Data

Among the many buzzwords in today’s digital marketing vernacular, “real time” likely ranks as one of the most overused – and misunderstood – terms out there. For the month of April, the term generated 391K mentions on social media, nearly four times that of another jargon superstar, “big data,” according to social media monitoring service TrendKite.   Real-time data has tremendous value in today’s evolving digital landscape, where consumers no longer have the pati...
By Admin
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Posted by our team of rockstars.

Utilizing Tag Management for Personalization

With marketing technologies becoming more advanced, it is now easier than ever for businesses to discover and preserve information about a customer's behavior, interests and needs. The next step is for businesses to use that information to deliver higher quality, personalized experiences. However, many organizations still struggle with gaps in the technology infrastructure.    Although there is no argument that the advancements in MarTech have been profound in recent years,...
By Yin Yu
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Yin Yu is a Senior Analyst at Stratigent.

Breaking Up with Your Vendor: Why, How and What You Need to Know

When it comes to working with vendors, unfortunately situations may arise where the vendor is more interested in protecting their territory than empowering the client. These instances can easily derail the long-term goals of major enterprise projects and must be remedied quickly. However, identifying and resolving the issue isn’t always an easy task.   We have worked with a diverse portfolio of partners through our Multi-Channel Partner Network for more than a decade and we’v...
By Scott Friedman
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Scott Friedman is a Manager of Client Services at Stratigent.

CPGs, This One’s For You.

We are all victims of taking the easy way out when we are writing content and focusing on the examples that can be tied to a login, a loyalty number, a conversion, or some other form of PII. Let’s face it, the story tells itself in those situations. Then, when we are at a conference and someone asks a question about their CPG business, we freeze and revert to talking about that really great case study for the client that isn’t a CPG company that allowed us to completely customize a la...
By Bill Bruno
About the Author:

Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

Publisher-Listener API: The Superiority of Signals

Advancements in the marketing and technology landscape over past years have helped the availability of accurate data, allowing businesses to interact with their customers like never before. However, with the increase in consumer technology, digitally connecting people and businesses together across time & space, the ability to accurately track the digital user experience across multiple devices and touch points has become increasingly more challenging.   One of the largest ch...
By Adam McArdell
About the Author:

Adam McArdell is a Senior Technical Consultant at Stratigent.


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