An Introduction to Improving Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

With recent advancements, such as cloud-based data sets and new algorithms, brands are beginning to explore innovative ways to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to reach out to, and improve, interactions with customers. Over the past few years, AI has started to evolve how leading brands relate to the customer experience and the customer journey. A recent worldwide survey of Senior Executives found that the majority of global business executives who have implemented AI said it has indeed resu...
By Jordan Kanter
About the Author:

Jordan Kanter is an Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent

CX Blog Series: Building Customer Loyalty in the New Year

As we begin to close in on the end of the year, improving the customer experience continues to be a major storyline for leading brands. With today’s consumers demanding a more seamless experience from brands across a wide variety of channels, it can be easy to overlook one of the most important contributors to an effective customer experience: building customer loyalty. Creating long term transactional, and even emotional, loyalty amongst customers is the bedrock of any successful customer...
By John Butler
About the Author:

John Butler is a Customer Experience Team Lead at Stratigent.

CX Blog Series: Provide a Deeper Mobile CX with This Tool

It is no secret that consumers are demanding more than ever from leading brands when it comes to delivering an outstanding customer experience. One specific area of emphasis has been the seamless integration of mobile experiences as part of the customer lifecycle, no longer are consumers satisfied with simple mobile experiences. With an estimated $1.05 trillion (yes, that is trillion with at T) in offline sales influenced by mobile interactions in 2016 and over $60 billion in mobile sales, im...
By Jim Glauner
About the Author:

Jim Glauner is a Senior Consultant, Team Lead at Stratigent.

Becoming Retail-ready for the Holiday Season: How Target is Improving Retail Customer Experience

This holiday shopping season promises to feature plenty of ‘firsts’ for the retail industry. During the 2017 season, for the first time ever, brands will see holiday shoppers spending more money shopping online than in physical, brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, it is projected that these online holiday sales will grow to over $107 billion and top the $100 billion mark for the first time ever. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, it is also projected that over half of all retail web...
By Jennifer Gaag
About the Author:

Jennifer Gaag is an Analyst, Senior Account Manager for Ebiquity-North America's Advertising Intelligence group

CX Managed Insights

In today’s rapidly moving digital culture, organizations must monitor and improve their digital channels on a continual basis to stay ahead of the competition. However, simply identifying situations where customers are struggling online is not good enough; there may be many factors that have disparately high impact on revenues. Longterm value is generated through consistent discovery and resolution of these key issues that impact customer success.

Digital Velocity, San Francisco – From Digital Transformation to Visitor Stitching

In the media and marketing industry, solutions, technology, and ideas evolve rapidly as brands embrace new advancements and test different approaches. There is no better environment for this type of shared learnings than at industry events. With a unique mix of attendees, conferences offer up the chance to have real conversations around the new & innovative ideas just breaking into the industry.  In reality, there are always those that attend just to get a day out of the office or to...
By David Dobes
About the Author:

David Dobes is a Solutions Consultant, North America at Stratigent.

WEBINAR | Marketing in the Moment, Digital Experience Transformation

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Marketing today requires brands to deliver a seamless digital experience, personalized to customers’ unique needs and behaviors. With 89% of customers taking their business elsewhere after a bad experience, if companies don’t adapt, they face being left behind. 

Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks: How the Pet Care Industry is Evolving Consumer Engagement

While many brands have been focused on crossing over to online from traditional brick and mortar, Amazon surprised many industry experts by recently doing the complete opposite. The recent re-branding of the now Amazon-owned Whole Foods has reinvigorated the conversation about brands crossing between the online and brick and mortar retail space. While the new crossover is proving to be beneficial to consumers with immediate price cuts and membership benefits to Prime users, it also allows Ama...
By Luke Sword
About the Author:

Luke Sword is an Advertising Analyst at Ebiquity, plc

CX Blog Series: Understanding Customer Experience through the Lens of the Customer

In today’s age, customer experience is extremely important to the success of brands both in the digital and physical realms. We often discuss CX from the vantage point of the business, however, a lot can be learned by looking through the lens of the customer. As part of our ongoing CX Blog Series, Stratigent Solutions Consultant, Laura Sulkin, discusses the benefits of testing, personalization, and customer feedback from the view of the customer… Before joining Stratigent, I would have de...
By Laura Sulkin
About the Author:

Laura Sulkin is a Solutions Consultant at Stratigent.

CX Blog Series: Creating the Ideal Customer Experience, Part 2

Building a successful customer experience (CX) program is a complex task involving all areas of a business. While it is not uncommon to find early success with quick wins for a CX program, the long-term success is more difficult to find as there is no ‘formula’ for ensuring CX success. However, in the efforts covered over this two-part blog series there are several commonalities that CX leaders routinely deploy to their advantage. In part 1 of this series, we covered the key efforts assoc...
By John Butler
About the Author:

John Butler is a Customer Experience Team Lead at Stratigent.


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