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For almost ten years, we have helped companies build successful dashboards tailored to their specific needs. We follow the philosophy that dashboards should be an automated, clean, succinct process. Partnering with the biggest names in visualization, we offer design, best practice techniques and automation within the most widely used tools such as Excel that will allow for better global adoption and awareness of your brand.



What’s in a Dashboard? Personalizing for a CMO

Even with the proliferation of advanced marketing technology, dashboards are still the second most used resource by CMOs worldwide to support marketing measurement. For many businesses across the world, dashboards are an integral part of assessing a company’s performance by quickly distilling key performance indicators (KPIs) into actionable data. Leading service providers, such as Domo, Google Data Studio, Klipfolio, and Tableau, continue to advance the capabilities of data visualization t...
By Akshay Ahluwalia
About the Author:

Akshay Ahluwalia is an Analyst at Stratigent.

The Best Google Analytics Reports You Didn't Know Existed

Google Analytics is a solid cornerstone for any marketing program. Google’s custom reports and dashboards are highly effective in data analysis with the standard reports and dashboards they offer. But deep inside the tree of default GA reports lay numerous classic reports and more advanced reporting modules that Google has rolled out to their users that go virtually undiscovered.     If you’re a frequent Google Analytics user, you’ve probably become very good at creating...
By Tony Cohen
About the Author:

Tony Cohen is a Senior Analyst at Stratigent.

The Most Common Dashboard Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them

Dashboards are an amazing tool; they are able to collect your business’s valuable data and present it in a way that helps you monitor and enhance your investments. When set up correctly, they provide quick insights to the most common and important business questions and give a snapshot of what’s working versus what isn’t in near real-time. Unfortunately, many dashboards fall prey to easily avoided traps and pitfalls. The creation of a good dashboard has practically become a science. And...
By James Martin
About the Author:

James Martin is a Senior Consultant at Stratigent 

Social Media Listening: The New Way to Measure Success

Social media has become an integral part of empowering the consumer and examining how they engage with brands. While everyone seems to have a social media presence these days, only 7% of the US population used one or more social networking sites 10 years ago, according to the Pew Research Center. Now that figure has increased almost tenfold to 65%.    To accommodate this trend, 71% of brands plan to invest more heavily in social media -- but with so many different touch poin...
By Cara Buscaglia
About the Author:

Cara Buscaglia is ‎Insights Director, Market Intelligence at Ebiquity, plc.

A Pilot’s Perspective on Business Dashboards

I’m a pilot (well, a student one) and one of the first things you learn in flight school is trust your instruments -- those instruments tell you how things are going. For instance, I can tell how high I am, if I’m going higher still, or if I am descending. Ultimately, I can understand if reality is confirming with my expectations. If so, smooth flying. If not, I know what actions I need to take. Most importantly though, I can quickly scan all the various gauges, indicators, and pretty lig...
By Tim Walker
About the Author:

Tim Walker is Optimization Strategy Practice Lead at Stratigent

Webinar | Why Marketers Need Dashboards Now More than Ever

Presented by Stratigent & Klipfolio
Learn how to turn your raw data into beautiful dashboards on our webinar with Klipfolio!
In this webinar, you will learn:
  • Why marketers need digital dashboards
  • The CMO’s perspective

KLIPFOLIO: Dynamic Dashboards and Data

A division of Stratigent is focused on utilization - getting the right data to the right people at the right time and in the right format for the audience. As part of that, we have built partnerships with many of the leading visualization platform vendors. In this blog post, we will outline some of the cool, technical features of one of those partners: Klipfolio     Dynamic Dashboards Klipfolio is a hosted dashboard tool that lets you create real-time dashboards to m...
By Akshay Ahluwalia
About the Author:

Akshay Ahluwalia is an Analyst at Stratigent.

Stratigent, Klipfolio Announce Joint Webinar: Why Marketers Need Dashboards.

Webinar: Why Marketers Need Dashboards. 
Stratigent and Klipfolio have partnered together to host a webinar to help educate on the usefulness and necessity of dashboards for the modern-day marketer. The webinar includes a variety of topics ranging from tips for marketers just starting out to best practics from the CMO perspective.

KPI Dashboard Best Practices

This month's newsletter is devoted to a topic that I think will increase in importance over the next few years, namely KPI dashboards and the best practices for their use. I am often asked "What is the best way to present or provide web analytics data to the enterprise?" Most often my response suggests the use of KPI dashboards; however, it is important to note that the most effective method of utilizing KPI dashboards is dependent on the individual organization and who within the organization w...
By Bill Bruno
About the Author:

Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

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