Aligning Web Analytics and Digital Media Teams to Improve Marketing Results

As advanced analytics tools become more widely used and the need to create personalized, customer experiences increases, uniting the organizational gap between web analytics and digital media teams has become increasingly important. While it may not be widely apparent, web analytics and digital media teams are alike in many ways and often share closely related missions. Even so, effective web analytics and digital media alignment can be a challenge for any organization. Analytics teams are...
By Luke Johnson
About the Author:

Luke Johnson is a Senior Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent.

Data Governance 101: How It Can Make or Break Your Data Analysis

Data - it remains the king of marketing buzzwords. We can’t talk about it enough, and it is often as scarce as it is endless. That’s because if you aren’t collecting the right information at the right times in the right places, you’d be better off having never collected it at all. But data is vital to making informed business decisions. So how do you keep from getting constantly bombarded with numbers and instead reveal the key insights that are relevant to your business?  ...
By Laurilee Kroll
About the Author:

Laurilee Kroll is a Consultant at Stratigent.

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