Ebiquity Announces New Interactive Digital Series, EMPOWER Brand Labs

CHICAGO - June 28, 2016 -- Ebiquity, a leading global, independent media and marketing analytics firm has announced the introduction of their interactive, digital series - EMPOWER Brand Labs. The online labs take place in August and September and allow for audiences across the globe to login from any location and attend online sessions led by industry experts across media value, market intelligence, and marketing performance.

Brand Labs 2016 - Media Value


Brand Lab - Media Value

Measuring media value can be a difficult task for brands these days. From targeting to viewability, organizations struggle to measure the effectiveness of their marketing investments. Join this brand lab to help navigate the murky waters of the current media landscape.


Session 1 | Driving Media Agency Accountability and Results

Brand Labs 2016 - Marketing Performance


Data isn’t a commodity; it’s a necessity for brands to keep evolving. Being truly data-driven requires developing a multi-channel strategy based on your business’s specific needs in order to gain insights and take action. So where do you start? Join us as we help connect the dots between mobile, online, and every other channel that provides data for the modern organization, focusing on the following topics:



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