How Customer Experience Session Replay Saved One Company Millions

Here’s a conundrum for you: How do you figure the exact reason why a customer is struggling with your website? How do you improve conversions, while at the same defining where customers are running into problems? And, how can you do all of this with the idea that if you don’t, millions of dollars may be on the line?    Enter digital customer experience. Digital customer experience is a target rich environment, one where even the most customer-centric companies can find a...
By John Butler
About the Author:

John Butler is a Customer Experience Team Lead at Stratigent.

Dance, Metrics, Dance! The New Powers of Google Analytics

As of a recent update, Google Analytics reminds me of the tool.  What tool?  The tool with the power.  What power? The power of calculated metrics, of course (what did you think I’d say, voodoo?). Combined with dimension widening, Google Analytics has really rounded out its capabilities, now even more able to solve any labyrinthine problems you may encounter.   Here’s what’s new -- and yes, prepare yourself for more 80s movie references.   Y...
By Adam McArdell
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Adam McArdell is a Senior Technical Consultant at Stratigent.

How to Exclude Bot Traffic in Google Analytics

Bot traffic can severely impact your reporting data, leading to false assumptions, hampering your site performance, and even increasing site maintenance costs. While you may believe bot traffic does not impact your site, recent reports suggest that 59 percent of all site visits may be associated with bots. With this in mind, it’s important to understand how to spot bot traffic in order to accurately report your data.    This post outlines some best practices to detect...
By Akshay Ahluwalia
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Akshay Ahluwalia is an Analyst at Stratigent.

CXSF 2015 Recap: Forrester's Forum for Customer Experience Professionals

I recently had the chance to attend the 2015 Forrester’s Customer Experience Conference in San Francisco (CXSF). During the conference, I had plenty of opportunities to connect with leading innovators to share best practices, converse on the latest Forrester research, and of course, enjoy some amazing San Francisco cuisine.    As a seasoned member of the customer experience (CX) community, it was refreshing to hear how other leading practitioners and analysts describe...
By John Butler
About the Author:

John Butler is a Customer Experience Team Lead at Stratigent.

Safe Harbor - A Crossroads for the U.S. and EU

Quite a bit has been made of the EU decision to strike down the Safe Harbor Agreement between the U.S. and EU on October 6th of this year. The agreement, in essence, was created to reconcile the differences between the privacy laws of the U.S. and the Data Protection Directive of the EU regarding the handling, storage, and transfer of personal information. As you can imagine, many of our international customers -- or U.S. customers with international visitors -- have been very concerned about th...
By Bill Bruno
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Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

Building a Bridge Across the Communications Divide: Ebiquity’s PRSA International 2015 Study

The explosion of social media, the evolving publisher landscape, shifting budgets, and increased importance placed on ROI is driving a sea of change in the world of marketing, communications, and advertising. Traditionally considered distinct and disparate disciplines, the trend towards integrating these teams and offering a joint, cross-practice approach to brand management and promotion is growing.     Subsequently, inter-disciplinary agencies are booming as a result of br...
By Rebeca Denny
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Rebeca is Managing Director, Market Intelligence North America at Ebiquity.

PUBLICATION | Response Issue 21

Welcome to the last issue of Response for 2015. In this quarter we highlight ‘what every advertiser should know about online video’, we look into optimizing both social media performance and video content marketing and share some practical advice on agency contracts and ad-blocking.
Articles in Issue 21:
What every advertiser should know about online video

TrendWatching 2015: The Expectation Economy and Beyond

Recently, trend-hungry professionals from across the U.S. were given a sneak peek into the inspirations and applications of industry-driven innovation while attending the New York TrendWatching Conference. The all-day event showcased the most important insights into the future of consumerism, including a trend that’s currently embraced by consumers worldwide – the Expectation Economy. What does this mean to you? We set out to elaborate this movement and uncover new insights while at the c...
By Cara Buscaglia
About the Author:

Cara Buscaglia is ‎Insights Director, Market Intelligence at Ebiquity, plc.

Media Tech Summit 2015 Recap

We were thrilled to attend last week’s 2015 Media Tech Summit in Las Vegas, a two-day event featuring 350 of the brightest minds in the industry. Some of the most innovative brands in media were in attendance, including Facebook, iHeartMedia, NBCUniversal, and Electronic Arts, among many more. The focus for this year’s event was Data Science -- turning information into action, new business models, platforms, and paths to alternative consumer experiences – and there were lots of ins...
By Tyler Rice
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Tyler Rice is Associate, Business Development at Ebiquity, plc.

Redefining ‘Real Time:’ Why Modern Marketers Need to Rethink the Way They View Fast Data

Among the many buzzwords in today’s digital marketing vernacular, “real time” likely ranks as one of the most overused – and misunderstood – terms out there. For the month of April, the term generated 391K mentions on social media, nearly four times that of another jargon superstar, “big data,” according to social media monitoring service TrendKite.   Real-time data has tremendous value in today’s evolving digital landscape, where consumers no longer have the pati...
By Admin
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