KPIs: Do Your Decisions Match Your Destination?

Regardless of what industry you are in or what your business goals are, you have no doubt heard of a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). By assigning the appropriate KPIs, you can easily evaluate how effectively you’re meeting your strategic and operational goals. For a quick example, let’s use the past holiday, Thanksgiving, as your campaign. Using KPIs, we can evaluate how the overall experience was for your family members and therefore, determine if you made a good investment in the holid...
By James Martin
About the Author:

James Martin is a Senior Consultant at Stratigent 

Upgrade Your Visualizations with These New Tableau Features

The recent release of Tableau 10.3 has given marketers and analysts alike some innovative new features to better visualize and understand their data. With a mix of updates to data access & management, visualization, and collaboration, the latest version has helped make it easier than ever to tame the big data beast and provide outstanding visualizations to help display the progress behind your KPIs. Even with these new features and upgrades, being able to effectively turn your company’s...
By Victoria Sawtelle
About the Author:

Victoria Sawtelle is a Senior Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent.

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