Webinar | How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Traffic

Presented by Stratigent & Maxymiser
Media is becoming increasingly complex and transparency a growing concern for marketers, especially in digital. As a result, brands are finding it more difficult to have confidence that they are managing their investment well enough and that they are getting the best results.

SWSE14 Flash Interview! Talking with Maxymiser's Chloe Lind

We are more than ½ way through the Stratigent Workshop series as we tour the nation, sharing our marketing analytics industry insights (learn more about the workshop here). Whether you have attended a workshop or have yet to, you might be wondering about the guests we have touring with us. In today’s partner Flash Interview, we are talking with Chloe Lind, Managing Consultant at Maxymiser - a leader in multivariate testing, personalization and cross-channel optimization solutions. Why does C...
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