Brand Lag in Media: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

It creeps up on you when you least expect it. It makes you put your plans on hold. It’s the ultimate “time suck”, sometimes holding a strange power over you that you may not even realize. This may sound like Pokémon, but it’s actually something far greater. It’s about the organizational phenomena known as Brand Lag – and if you’re a marketer or advertiser, we’re certain you’ve experienced it more than once.  So, what is a brand lag? Essentially, you approach a new stra...
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ANA, Ebiquity & FirmDecisions Issue Guidelines For Achieving Media Transparency

NEW YORK (July 18, 2016) — Marketers should require media agencies to be fully transparent to elevate trust and restore confidence in the client/agency partnership, according to a wide-ranging set of recommendations released today by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and Ebiquity/FirmDecisions. These recommendations follow the ANA’s publication of its investigation into media transparency, conducted by K2 Intelligence, which found that non-transparent practices may be pervasiv...
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Brand Labs 2016 - Media Value


Brand Lab - Media Value

Measuring media value can be a difficult task for brands these days. From targeting to viewability, organizations struggle to measure the effectiveness of their marketing investments. Join this brand lab to help navigate the murky waters of the current media landscape.


Session 1 | Driving Media Agency Accountability and Results

Guide | 2016 Upfront POV



Ebiquity Annual 2016-2017 Upfront POV Guide

Each year, our team of expert analysts collaborates to build a comprehensive guide outlining our insights heading into Upfront season. We are pleased to provide Part I of our Annual Upfronts POV on the 2016/17 National Television Upfront which kicks off on May 15th. 

ANA Financial Conference 2016: Can Trust Be Restored?

  Whether it’s trust between marketers and their agencies, agencies and media owners, or marketing teams and their procurement counterparts, trust is clearly on everyone’s minds.  As a first-timer to the annual ANA Financial Conference, I was struck by how often the word “trust” was uttered.  The reasons became clear over the course of the 3-day confab where marketing, media, technology, and finance gurus gathered to network. The conference was certainly a rollercoaster...
By Margaret Lewis
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Margaret Lewis is Managing Director - Media Value North America at Ebiquity, PLC

A View on Viewability: Tips to Increase Media Performance

As viewability has become one of the newest transactional metrics in the industry, the IAB recently released a Viewability Primer for Publishers to help the collective understand how to manage their sites, content and inventory to improve metrics. While the primer was crafted with publishers in mind, several of the concepts can be applied by agencies and advertisers to improve a campaign’s overall viewability performance. Pre-Work is Necessary Before Purchasing Placements While this may seem...
By Laurie Shinbaum
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Laurie Shinbaum is Digital Account Manager at Ebiquity, plc

WEBINAR | Measuring Video Analytics through the Lens of Viewability

Advertisers face a major dilemma today when it comes to analyzing digital video campaigns – viewability. Currently digital video viewability in the marketplace is either not tracked or is difficult to track across the many roadblocks of video. This measurement type has been called into question with reports from Google claiming more than 50% of video desktop ads go unseen, in essence wasting more than 50% of ad spend. 

Case Review | Programmatic Media Buying

Case Review |
Is your media buying strategy more problematic than programmatic?


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