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Our mobile implementation services offer comprehensive insights to optimize your mobile experience - we can help you do everything from develop a mobile app to integrate your mobile analytics with web, social and offline metrics. A partner of all the major mobile solution vendors, we can physically code your analytics implementation using SDKs or traditional coding and help you with the necessary updates and fixes as your mobile solutions grow. Mobile analytics & development require an agile deployment and we can help you move forward.



Brick & Mobile? How Mobile is Reinventing the Traditional Customer Experience

Now, more than ever before, brands have a massive incentive to leverage mobile as a tool to enhance the traditional brick and mortar customer experience. On the short list of impressive and recent mobile news highlights are stories like, Mobile Data Traffic has grown 18-fold over the past 5 years. Or, for the first time, Mobile Internet Traffic exceeded desktop traffic worldwide last year. Mobile search even helped fuel the recent overtaking of TV ad spend by Digital ad spend. It’s safe to say...
By Jordan Kanter
About the Author:

Jordan Kanter is an Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent

Mobile App Optimization

Our mobile app optimization framework solutions solve the increasing challenges of mobile optimization campaigns.

Mobile has transformed marketing like no device before. But it is much more than just a device - it is how most consumers connect and interact with brands on a daily basis. In fact, roughly 65% of all digital media time is spent on mobile devices, with 85% of time spent in apps and more than 50% of searches originating from mobile.

WEBINAR | Mobile App Analytics: Cracking The Black Box of Digital Measurement


Mobile App Analytics - Cracking The Black Box of Digital Measurement 

Since the dawn of the Internet, digital marketers have been a notoriously analytics focused bunch. But when it comes to mobile apps, most marketers are unable to work their powers of digital insight. 

3 Key Learnings from Ensighten’s AGILITY World Tour 2016

AGILITY  World Tour, hosted by one of our partners -  Ensighten, brings digital marketing experts together to share stories on optimizing the consumer experience and driving real ROI. We’ve been a long-time partner of Ensighten and were happy to attend and present at their recent Agility event in Chicago.   As a representative from our Advertising Intelligence practice, my goal in attending the conference was to take grasp of the current digital analytics landscape and l...
By Michael Reynolds
About the Author:

Michael Reynolds is Director, Advertising Intelligence at Ebiquity, plc

Native Mobile Analytics 101: The Good, the Bad, and the What You Need to Have

Nothing is hotter than mobile right now. 72% of Americans have some sort of mobile device. [1] 62% of digital media time is spent on smartphones and tablets. [2] Mobile apps have also driven most of the growth in digital media usage in the past two years. While these numbers all represent the unique opportunity of mobile and building mobile apps, they also present unique challenges when it comes to native mobile analytics, which refers to data gleaned from a standalone application on a part...
By Jordan Kanter
About the Author:

Jordan Kanter is an Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent

Handbook | Mobile Effectiveness


Mobile Effectiveness:
Building a Best-in-Class Mobile Experience



WEBINAR | Speed to Value, Accelerating Analytics Success

Presented by Stratigent and Celebrus

How to accelerate customer analytics success

Social Media Mobile: The Next Battleground for Online Retail

Online retail marketers face a more complicated, marketing world today than ever before. Technology has created an online consumer, heavily influenced by a barrage of various digital and social media channels, and the evolution of the mobile platform where conversions take place at the slightest whim. Even if you are aware of the key tactics in this new marketing world and have tried a mix of campaigns (external, paid, social, etc.) to improve your site traffic and conversion rate, your effor...
By Yang Zhang
About the Author:

Yang Zhang is a Senior Analyst at Stratigent.

Free Your Mind: Mobile App Analytics

Remember in the movie Men In Black when Will Smith uses the neuralizer to erase people’s memories after they had come in contact with an alien?  We could really use one of those for people looking to track the usage of mobile apps by their customer base.   For years, we have been hooked on one thing:  page views.  The vendors largely forced us to think this way initially as pricing models revolved around it.  Granted, this is what primitive web analytics was based on,...
By Bill Bruno
About the Author:

Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.


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