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Solve your SEO woes.
While we don’t manage SEM or SEO efforts for our clients, we do provide the analysis services needed to understand what is working and what isn’t. Let our team take a look at your SEO efforts and make recommendations to improve your program.
As a part of our SEO Audit, some of the components we analyze are:

Title tags | Meta tags | Duplicate content | Multiple domains | DNS issues (and improper redirects) | Broken links | Keyword usage on pages | Top Entry pages | Top Referring Search Engines | Link popularity | and more.


Why Your Internal Campaign Strategy May Be Holding You Back (And How to Fix It)

No brainer question of the week: If you could maintain your existing budget, yet achieve a 40% higher customer conversion rate, would you do it? While the answer is probably yes, your internal campaign strategy may be holding you back.    A little backstory for you: In one of my prior roles, I watched my agency peers spend three months and unknown hours devising a strategy for tracking internal campaigns. The resulting strategy was overly complicated and had huge potent...
By Scott Friedman
About the Author:

Scott Friedman is a Manager of Client Services at Stratigent.

Google Analytics Advanced Segments – Tips for Success

I’ve been doing quite a bit of training in Google Analytics lately. The most fun thing about that has been walking users through reports and having the chance to ‘WOW’ them with some of GA’s excellent features, especially Advanced Segments. Though I will note, a client recently suggested that there should be a drinking game for real-time reports, which I say, why not? However let’s not digress, drinking games with analytics tools can be fun, but we’ve got a job to do! One thing I’v...
By Admin
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Posted by our team of rockstars.

The Power of the Page Title

SEO and the overall performance of a brands web site are often held in close proximity of each other. However when doing business and web analysis of your brand site the data points are usually miles apart. More often than not SEO related data is not included with the page view and visitor data that the business turns to for understanding on how the site is performing. SEO analysis in the reporting tool is measured off of referring URL’s and keywords, but that’s a small slice of the SEO data...
By Ted Moffatt
About the Author:

Ted Moffatt is a Senior Consultant, Client Strategy Practice Lead at Stratigent.

Tackling Cross-Channel Attribution

After working with dozens of clients across virtually all sectors, two of the biggest pain points I hear are (1.) how to calculate the impact each online channel has on the other, and if they have extra budget, (2.) what channel should they invest in to give them the highest overall ROI. I’m sure you or your boss has asked either or both of these questions at one time or another. Getting high-level insight into how display ads, email, SEM, SEO, and media (among many other channels) combine...
By Kevin Wysocki
About the Author:

Kevin Wysocki is the Tag Management Practice Lead at Stratigent.

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