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Case Study Healthcare

The benefits of utilizing testing and data analysis are well known and, when it comes to achieving business goals, having an effective testing and analytics campaign in place can be the difference between realizing success or failure. Recently, a leading Healthcare Association was able to increase their registration completion rate through testing and analysis, allowing them to better personalize their member’s experience by delivering customized content. Successful testing and data analysi...
By Marketing Team
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WEBINAR | Optimizely Testing Full Stack, Server-side Optimization

optimizely testing

Web optimization is a vital part of the evolution of customer experience. As performance has become an increasingly more important consideration and experimentation has been driven deeper into the behavioral layer of web pages or apps, brands are turning to server side optimization solutions to help solve the need for greater testing & optimization across every aspect of the consumer’s journey.

Conversion Conference 2016: Are You The Brat, The Square, or The Sheep?

We are surrounded by conversion on a daily basis; buy this product, try this service, cheer for this team, move to this neighborhood, eat at this restaurant, stay at this hotel… and the list goes on. It was definitely the hot topic of conversation over at Conversion Conference this year – for obvious reasons. However, despite the fact that we are inundated with all this conversion talk, my three takeaways from Conversion Conference are quite basic and perhaps even remedial, but nonetheless i...
By Steve Ropers
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Steve Ropers is a Solutions Consultant at Stratigent 

WEBINAR | Powering Cross-Channel Customer Experiences with Real-Time Data

Today’s marketing organizations are investing more money than ever in marketing technologies that promise to provide better insight into customer preferences and behavior. At the same time, there is a continued struggle to leverage these technologies to connect the data dots and build a truly unified customer view that spans all channels and touch points.

The New Normal: Shifting Your Data Analysis From Hype to Value

Back in the day, data analysis was nothing more than looking at spreadsheets and guessing what the numbers meant. But with increased competition, unlimited options, and an ever-changing marketplace, a higher priority on how we analyze data is needed, particularly in regards to value. The industry has shown this growing need with more than 75 percent [1] of companies investing or planning to invest in big data over the next two years -- a steep difference from the days of toiling over Excel sh...
By Autumn Rogers
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Autumn Rogers is an Analyst at Stratigent

Dance, Metrics, Dance! The New Powers of Google Analytics

As of a recent update, Google Analytics reminds me of the tool.  What tool?  The tool with the power.  What power? The power of calculated metrics, of course (what did you think I’d say, voodoo?). Combined with dimension widening, Google Analytics has really rounded out its capabilities, now even more able to solve any labyrinthine problems you may encounter.   Here’s what’s new -- and yes, prepare yourself for more 80s movie references.   Y...
By Adam McArdell
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Adam McArdell is a Senior Technical Consultant at Stratigent.

Webinar | How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Traffic

Presented by Stratigent & Maxymiser
Media is becoming increasingly complex and transparency a growing concern for marketers, especially in digital. As a result, brands are finding it more difficult to have confidence that they are managing their investment well enough and that they are getting the best results.

3 Steps to Optimization this Holiday Season

  It may seem too soon to be discussing the holidays, but we all know what’s looming on the horizon in a few months. Last November, I wrote a newsletter to explain how Tag Management was your gateway to avoiding the holiday code freeze (read it HERE). I want to revisit that topic this month since it ties nicely with a webinar I am presenting with Maxymiser on August 5th (you can still sign up HERE!) and provide a few steps you can take to ensure you get the most ROI out of your dig...
By Bill Bruno
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Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

Free Your Mind: The True Value of CRM

  I’ve said it over and over again, “the sole purpose of collecting data is to take action on it and you need to take those actions as close to real-time as possible.”  While we’d all agree with that statement, it’s getting to the point that becomes the challenge. I’ve written several newsletters over the past year focused on different ways to integrate data - Email Marketing, VOC, Call Center, etc. - but have yet to touch on one of the more valuable integration poin...
By Bill Bruno
About the Author:

Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.


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