Advanced MarTech: Eliminating Flicker within Single-Page Applications

Many digital marketing professionals and developers have turned to single-page applications (SPAs) over Multiple Page Applications (MPAs) that are heavily constructed in static HTML and server-side technologies. SPAs hold many advantages over MPAs; they provide a better user experience, web content is loaded faster and more efficiently, and richer, more advanced applications can be built. While SPAs are accessed via a web browser, similar to a more traditional website, they offer an experienc...
By Jeremy Banks
About the Author:

Jeremy Banks is the Quality Assurance Practice Lead at Stratigent.

Improving Your Website Experience by Optimizing Single-Page Applications

In the ever-changing digital world, websites have been no stranger to innovations and new technologies. As websites continue to be updated to reach their audiences faster and provide a better user experience, the use of Single-Page Applications (SPAs) has increased. Simply put, an SPA is a site (or portion of a site) that loads a single HTML page and proceeds to update portions of the page based on user actions. This is opposed to the more traditional process of loading an entirely new page b...
By Jeremy Banks
About the Author:

Jeremy Banks is the Quality Assurance Practice Lead at Stratigent.

Opticon17 and the Power of Experimentation

Against the force of fierce modern competition for the next customer and market share, companies need an edge. However, that edge will not be apparent, nor will it present itself plainly in a Harvard case study. To find your edge, a process of experimentation will be key to deciphering what works in your favor and what does not. Each company’s path will be different, shaped by industry, line of business, size, and geography. Yet, in general, any experimentation program starts with an experimen...
By Tim Walker
About the Author:

Tim Walker is Optimization Strategy Practice Lead at Stratigent

WEBINAR | Optimizely Testing Full Stack, Server-side Optimization

optimizely testing

Web optimization is a vital part of the evolution of customer experience. As performance has become an increasingly more important consideration and experimentation has been driven deeper into the behavioral layer of web pages or apps, brands are turning to server side optimization solutions to help solve the need for greater testing & optimization across every aspect of the consumer’s journey.



The media and marketing landscape is ever-changing and advancing beyond what was capable just a few years ago. We believe that those advancements are essential and it keeps us energized and excited about analytics innovations and what we can do next for our clients.

Mobile App Optimization

Our mobile app optimization framework solutions solve the increasing challenges of mobile optimization campaigns.

Mobile has transformed marketing like no device before. But it is much more than just a device - it is how most consumers connect and interact with brands on a daily basis. In fact, roughly 65% of all digital media time is spent on mobile devices, with 85% of time spent in apps and more than 50% of searches originating from mobile.

Customer Journey Optimization

Most companies seek to optimize the customer journey across their digital properties, but few do it in a repeatable way that maximizes return on investment. With unique challenges to solve for when it comes to customer experience, a customer journey analysis identifies how your customers interact with your company and suggests experiments to optimize the performance of those journeys.

Give the Gift of Great Holiday Campaign Measurement

Between dealing with an increased volume of shoppers, running campaigns, changing creative and applying specific promo codes, the life of an ecommerce website manager during the holiday season can be described as hectic, busy and often stressful.  At the end of all this, leadership will ask: “So, how did the campaign perform?”  Now, it might seem like “poorly” is the wrong answer, but there’s a worse option, “I don’t know.” So here are a few best practices to cons...
By James Martin
About the Author:

James Martin is a Senior Consultant at Stratigent 

Review | Online Reviews

REVIEW | Online Reviews


Conversion Conference 2016: Are You The Brat, The Square, or The Sheep?

We are surrounded by conversion on a daily basis; buy this product, try this service, cheer for this team, move to this neighborhood, eat at this restaurant, stay at this hotel… and the list goes on. It was definitely the hot topic of conversation over at Conversion Conference this year – for obvious reasons. However, despite the fact that we are inundated with all this conversion talk, my three takeaways from Conversion Conference are quite basic and perhaps even remedial, but nonetheless i...
By Steve Ropers
About the Author:

Steve Ropers is a Solutions Consultant at Stratigent 


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