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Google Analytics & Salesforce Integration


Google Analytics & Salesforce Integration: Bridging the Marketing-Sales Data Gap

Phase I - Quick Reference Guide & Checklist

Marcomm Guide 2018 Trends


As the leading, independent media and marketing specialists, providing advisement to enterprise-level brands worldwide, we are proud to provide our annual Marcomm Guide. This guide is a collaborative report, written by our experts, that discusses the trends we’ve seen with our clients and within the industry to help brands identify key strategies for success in the upcoming year.


e-Brief | Healthcare Industry: Digital Transformation & GDPR

e-Brief |

Healthcare Industry: Digital Transformation & GDPR 

Visitor Stitching Guide



WFA/Ebiquity Report: Online Advertising Effectiveness

WFA/Ebiquity Report: Online Advertising Effectiveness

Two thirds of big brands committed to increase online ad spend despite growing concerns around viewability, fraud and basic metrics.

Half of advertisers plan to increase ad spend by up to 20%, while a third plan to maintain existing or reduce online ad spend. 

Programmatic: Seeing through the Financial Fog

In partnership with the U.S. Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA), and AD/FIN, we are proud to launch a first-of-its-kind study into programmatic media buying in the U.S. marketplace. Our common goal for the study was to investigate the costs and economics of the programmatic advertising ecosystem. As increasing volumes of media – both digital and traditional – are being traded programmatically, we wanted to explore the opportunities and challenges advertisers face with programmatic, particularly regarding transparency of data.

Google for Communicators, a PRNews Guidebook

Stratigent, an Ebiquity company, contributes to PRNews Guidebook for Communicators   The Google 360 Stack is a suite of solutions focused on providing advertisers with the data needed to further optimize the customer journey across all channels. The solution is very intuitively designed, which lends itself to building more user-friendly ways to put those insights to work.   PRNews set out to provide professional communicators with a guide to help with utilizing the Google...
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Digital Transformation Guide


Innovation is the backbone for how companies compete, win, and retain customers over their competition and digital transformation is one of the core drivers of innovation today. Now more than ever, companies are overhauling their business models and investing in technologies that help them make data-driven decisions based on the vast amounts of information available through the digital ecosystem. 

Total View Attribution Guide

Most total view attribution solutions fail to account for non-digital media as they apply arbitrary rules that don’t let the data decide what’s working and why. A better approach is a hybrid of top-down econometrics and bottom-up attribution to develop a full understanding of what is driving the conversion goal and true value of each touch point.


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