ACA Fall 2015 Executive Forum Recap

CMO's are very smart people.   I know this is obvious, but it's the why they are smart that I find fascinating.   Looking into the digital future  First, a bit of background. Along with Federica Aperio, Head of Digital at Ebiquity, I had the privilege of being invited to present findings from our joint report with the CMO Council, “The Path Forward: Marketing’s Outlook into the Digital Future,” at the recent ACA Fall 2015 Executive Forum. The report hi...
By David 'DJ' Johnson
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David 'DJ' Johnson is the Vice President, Account Development at Stratigent.

IN Interview: Ensighten

We are counting down the days until we take over the Field Museum in Chicago for the largest, single day in analytics – INAC15. Leading up to the conference, we sat down with each sponsor to learn more about the organizations behind the IN Analytics Conference’s innovative sessions. Each session features a speaker from leading brands, like HBO, Crate & Barrel, Luxottica, and Fidelity Investments, and the sponsors were the driving force behind each brands success in utilizing the lates...
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IN Interview: Tealium

With a little over a month until the biggest, free analytics conference in Chicago – INAC15, we set off to learn more about the organizations behind the IN Analytics Conference’s innovative sessions. The sponsor organizations are key in setting the stage for the conference, almost literally. Their constituents across global brands, such as Crate & Barrel, HP, Ferguson, and Luxottica, will be the speakers providing insights into the latest marketing technologies and strategies needed t...
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Flash INterview: UserReplay

  As we gear up for the biggest day in analytics, we set off to learn more about the organizations behind the IN Analytics Conference’s stimulating and innovative sessions (learn more about the conference HERE). So we sat down with the companies that provide the latest marketing technologies and greatest strategies that world-leading brands utilize today to build successful marketing programs.    In today’s Flash INterview, we sat down with Danny Dunn, Regional...
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Posted by our team of rockstars.

Webinar | Ask the Experts - the Most Important Analytics for Marketers Today

Presented by Stratigent, Invoca, BroadVoice & Obility
If 2014 was the year of big data, 2015 may be the year that marketers learn to effectively harness and act on that data. But which tools are must-haves, and which are distractions?
Join our panel of experts as they discuss:
  • The biggest attribution challenges facing marketers today
  • The top analytics tools that all marketers should have in their technology stack

Webinar | Is it Better to Build or Buy Your Marketing Cloud?

Presented by Stratigent, CMSWire & Tealium.

Free Your Mind: Voice of Customer

When people hear the phrase “Voice of Customer” (VOC) they instantly think of surveys and comment cards deployed on their website. The problem is: if you think VOC as merely a provider of customer opinions, you are missing the real value of the technology. There is no better metric for improving your customer experience than actual customer feedback.     For years, organizations have tried to use attitudinal data to enhance the analysis of the behavioral data within thei...
By Bill Bruno
About the Author:

Bill Bruno is the CEO - North America, Ebiquity.

Analyzing Website Performance at a Glance

Zippy performance is a vital component of any website’s success. Quickly diagnosing site lag issues is critical but not always easy. In-browser tools like Firebug and Chrome’s developer tools can determine which page elements are slow to load, but not if a DNS lookup or redirect is taking way too long, and the data they provide cannot be stored to view page load trends over time. The Navigation Timing API, simple javascript that measures load times for each step in a page load’s lifecycle,...
By Jim Glauner
About the Author:

Jim Glauner is a Senior Consultant, Team Lead at Stratigent.


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