WEBINAR | Marketing in the Moment, Digital Experience Transformation

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Marketing today requires brands to deliver a seamless digital experience, personalized to customers’ unique needs and behaviors. With 89% of customers taking their business elsewhere after a bad experience, if companies don’t adapt, they face being left behind. 

WEBINAR | Optimizely Testing Full Stack, Server-side Optimization

optimizely testing

Web optimization is a vital part of the evolution of customer experience. As performance has become an increasingly more important consideration and experimentation has been driven deeper into the behavioral layer of web pages or apps, brands are turning to server side optimization solutions to help solve the need for greater testing & optimization across every aspect of the consumer’s journey.

WEBINAR | Bad Tags, How Rogue Tags Can Hurt CX and Revenue

Webinar Bad Tags : How Rogue Tags Can Hurt CX and Revenue (and how to fix it!)

2017 Partner Series Webinar:

WEBINAR | Mobile App Analytics: Cracking The Black Box of Digital Measurement


Mobile App Analytics - Cracking The Black Box of Digital Measurement 

Since the dawn of the Internet, digital marketers have been a notoriously analytics focused bunch. But when it comes to mobile apps, most marketers are unable to work their powers of digital insight. 

Video | AdWeek 2016 Trust Forum

We were happy to speak alongside other industry leaders to discuss the issue of transparency at  the 2016 Advertising Week Trust Forum. If you missed it, click on the video below for the full session.
Advertising Week 2016 Trust Forum

WEBINAR | Powering Cross-Channel Customer Experiences with Real-Time Data

Today’s marketing organizations are investing more money than ever in marketing technologies that promise to provide better insight into customer preferences and behavior. At the same time, there is a continued struggle to leverage these technologies to connect the data dots and build a truly unified customer view that spans all channels and touch points.

WEBINAR | Measuring Video Analytics through the Lens of Viewability

Advertisers face a major dilemma today when it comes to analyzing digital video campaigns – viewability. Currently digital video viewability in the marketplace is either not tracked or is difficult to track across the many roadblocks of video. This measurement type has been called into question with reports from Google claiming more than 50% of video desktop ads go unseen, in essence wasting more than 50% of ad spend. 

WEBINAR | Speed to Value, Accelerating Analytics Success

Presented by Stratigent and Celebrus

How to accelerate customer analytics success

WEBINAR | Fixing the Most Common Barriers to Conversion

Presented by Stratigent and UserReplay

"Fixing the Most Common Barriers to Conversion"


WEBINAR | Achieving a Single View of Engagement


Presented by Stratigent, Ensighten, Readers Digest, and the CMO Council.



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