Designing a Strategic Roadmap for Digital Analytics Success

Digital analytics has quickly become an integral part of marketing success for companies engaged in any manner of online activity. From advertisers to marketers, tracking digital ad spending to conversion rates, digital analytics are at the center of it all. Gaining an understanding of how users find and interact with your online initiatives can provide critical insights into increasing engagement, conversions and, ultimately, driving business success.   However, the universe of digit...
By Casey Judson
About the Author:

Casey Judson is an Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent

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A View on Viewability: Tips to Increase Media Performance

As viewability has become one of the newest transactional metrics in the industry, the IAB recently released a Viewability Primer for Publishers to help the collective understand how to manage their sites, content and inventory to improve metrics. While the primer was crafted with publishers in mind, several of the concepts can be applied by agencies and advertisers to improve a campaign’s overall viewability performance. Pre-Work is Necessary Before Purchasing Placements While this may seem...
By Laurie Shinbaum
About the Author:

Laurie Shinbaum is Digital Account Manager at Ebiquity, plc

An Ever-Evolving Consumer Experience: AdAge Digital Conference 2016

  Over the course of the past year, primary conversation around digital media has focused less on how the space can be used in innovative ways to reach consumers, and more so around the issues that exist when using the space. The 10th anniversary of Ad Age’s annual Digital Conference continued this trend by highlighting such concerns early, but segued into a forum discussing the consumer experience evolution and how brands can create better storytelling in order to connect with con...
By Media Value Digital Team
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Written by the Media Value Digital Team at Ebiquity,plc

Case Review | Programmatic Media Buying

Case Review |
Is your media buying strategy more problematic than programmatic?

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