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Marketing today requires brands to deliver a seamless digital experience, personalized to customers’ unique needs and behaviors. With 89% of customers taking their business elsewhere after a bad experience, if companies don’t adapt, they face being left behind. 

2017 State of Healthcare - How Technology is Transforming the Traditional Healthcare Experience

Consumer-facing websites such as WebMD, Mayo Clinic, and HealthLine have helped provide medical information to millions of individuals around the world. In fact, according to a Pew Research Center study, over 70% of adult internet users have searched online for information regarding a wide-range of healthcare issues including general health, serious conditions, prescription options, procedures, nutrition, and more. While these websites used to represent both the beginning and end of the patient...
By Michael Reynolds
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Michael Reynolds is Director, Advertising Intelligence at Ebiquity, plc

Fact-check: We Evaluated Leading Expert's 2017 Marcomm Predictions

As advisors to leading brands worldwide, we pride ourselves on providing sound, independent advisement. Even so, making predictions for the year can be tricky, especially in marketing and media, where trends and technologies seem to flow in and out with the changing wind. So as the calendar turns over from June to July and the book closes on Q2, we decided to fact-check ourselves by going back to see how the main predictions in our 2017 Marcomm Guide have developed so far. Did our predictions ri...
By Marketing Team
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Digital Velocity 2017: Disruption and Digital Transformation

At Tealium's Digital Velocity show last week in New York, topics of innovation and the future of marketing technology rang throughout the popular Pier 60 at Chelsea Piers. On the second day of the show, I was honored to lead a ‘digital transformation’ roundtable that was packed to capacity with those looking to make sense of this new concept. Like many emerging business concepts, the concept of ‘digital transformation’ is a nebulous topic. You know you are on the bleeding edge if you can...
By David 'DJ' Johnson
About the Author:

David 'DJ' Johnson is the Vice President, Account Development at Stratigent.

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