Smartphone Adoption is Slowing, Should Marketers Be Worried?

Mobile has dominated the conversation, and the marketing strategy, of advertisers and marketers alike for the past few years. With smartphone user rates posting impressive growth numbers year-over-year, leading brands have given mobile a larger portion of their marketing investment – some even taking a ‘mobile-first’ approach when it comes to their marketing mix. The heavy focus on mobile is for good reason, mobile users are loyal to their smartphones. However, recent studies have shown th...
By Marketing Team
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CX Blog Series: Provide a Deeper Mobile CX with This Tool

It is no secret that consumers are demanding more than ever from leading brands when it comes to delivering an outstanding customer experience. One specific area of emphasis has been the seamless integration of mobile experiences as part of the customer lifecycle, no longer are consumers satisfied with simple mobile experiences. With an estimated $1.05 trillion (yes, that is trillion with at T) in offline sales influenced by mobile interactions in 2016 and over $60 billion in mobile sales, im...
By Jim Glauner
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Jim Glauner is a Senior Consultant, Team Lead at Stratigent.

Full Steam Ahead? What you should know about Accelerated Mobile Pages

The necessity of having a strong mobile strategy is only increasing in importance each day. With more Google searches taking place on mobile devices than computers, leading brands need to ensure that they are making the most of their organic mobile search program. When you combine this trend with the knowledge that conversions fall by 12% for every additional second a webpage takes to load, it is plainly apparent that ensuring efficient load-times for your mobile website is a necessity. Wheth...
By Jason Lydon & Jordan Kanter
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Jason is an Analytics Developer and Jordan is an Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent

Brick & Mobile? How Mobile is Reinventing the Traditional Customer Experience

Now, more than ever before, brands have a massive incentive to leverage mobile as a tool to enhance the traditional brick and mortar customer experience. On the short list of impressive and recent mobile news highlights are stories like, Mobile Data Traffic has grown 18-fold over the past 5 years. Or, for the first time, Mobile Internet Traffic exceeded desktop traffic worldwide last year. Mobile search even helped fuel the recent overtaking of TV ad spend by Digital ad spend. It’s safe to say...
By Jordan Kanter
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Jordan Kanter is an Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent

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