Achieving a Complete View of Your Visitors with Cross-Domain Tracking

Cross-domain tracking, simply put, is the process of uniting sessions across multiple domains into a single view. As it has become increasingly common to see business employing multiple domains for things such as promotions, separate service offerings, ecommerce sites, or even blog content, tracking a single user across each of these domains has taken on an increased importance in the quest to provide a superior user experience. If your company employs multiple domain addresses you have no do...
By Adam McArdell
About the Author:

Adam McArdell is a Senior Technical Consultant at Stratigent.

How a Stitch in Time Saves Nine Massive Data Quality Headaches

The idea of creating a comprehensive, visitor-centric dataset is still emerging and there are currently no solutions that can magically create this for us. Even vendors with full visibility of the customer journey (including analytics, tag management and DMPs) are just now coming out with solutions of their own, each with their own benefits and tradeoffs. Understanding the challenge that brands face with connecting the customer journey, we know that this is a common problem and have developed...
By David 'DJ' Johnson
About the Author:

David 'DJ' Johnson is the Vice President, Account Development at Stratigent.

Optimizing your Digital Transformation with Data Integration

In 2017, we explored the key topics of designing and following through on a digital analytics roadmap, (you can find those articles here and here) a critical piece of Digital Transformation. As we begin to venture further into 2018, the concept of Digital Transformation is still a leading theme in the media and marketing space, and it’s time to take the next step. The next step in this process is Visitor Stitching, or the integration and connection of your user’s data points across all me...
By Casey Judson
About the Author:

Casey Judson is an Analyst, Team Lead at Stratigent

Digital Velocity, San Francisco – From Digital Transformation to Visitor Stitching

In the media and marketing industry, solutions, technology, and ideas evolve rapidly as brands embrace new advancements and test different approaches. There is no better environment for this type of shared learnings than at industry events. With a unique mix of attendees, conferences offer up the chance to have real conversations around the new & innovative ideas just breaking into the industry.  In reality, there are always those that attend just to get a day out of the office or to...
By David Dobes
About the Author:

David Dobes is a Solutions Consultant, North America at Stratigent.

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