The Search for Media Transparency Continues

Despite massive improvements over the past year for providing transparency in media, it is still a significant issue that companies are actively trying to fix. At the annual ProcureCon Marketing conference, held at the Marriott Hotel in the heart of New Orleans, the main buzzword of the year, transparency, was in full effect. Since the ANA Media Transparency Initiative was published last year, the topic of transparency has never been bigger and it was clear based on the discussions at Procure...
By Mike Presser
About the Author:

MIke Presser is a Solutions Consultant at Ebiquity

Media Analysis: The Three Campaign Stages Your Brand Can’t Afford to Skip

With consumers expecting, and even demanding, increased engagement from leading brands, the challenge to achieve and show success has intensified. It can be an overwhelming task to track investments across media and marketing channels to identify the true value, consumer sentiment, and ROI of a campaign. While most marketers understand the value of post-campaign analysis, crucial steps in the process are missing when media analysis is left until the last stage.  Marketers today are expec...
By Christopher Martin & Judy Bromley
About the Author:

Christopher is a Senior Project Manager and Judy is a Research Director for Ebiquity - North America

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