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WEBINAR | Measuring Video Analytics through the Lens of Viewability

Advertisers face a major dilemma today when it comes to analyzing digital video campaigns – viewability. Currently digital video viewability in the marketplace is either not tracked or is difficult to track across the many roadblocks of video. This measurement type has been called into question with reports from Google claiming more than 50% of video desktop ads go unseen, in essence wasting more than 50% of ad spend. 
While the industry is working to better define standards, existing publisher-made barriers create challenges for advertisers to measure. It is necessary for advertisers to take this issue into their own hands to ensure measurable, effective, and ultimately successful digital video campaigns. 
In this webinar you will learn:
  • How video metrics are typically measured
  • How these metrics change when looking through the lens of viewability
  • Common barriers in the video landscape
  • How brands can push back against these barriers
  • How to properly measure video performance
  • Scorecard approach to measurement 
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